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Industry Certificates - Implementation Strategies

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About Industry Certificates 

Each school district in Colorado determines which Industry Certificates/Certifications will be accepted for a student’s demonstration of learning according to the Graduation Guidelines Menu of Options
In addition, there a List of Approved Industry Certifications and other Qualifying Programs that are eligible for the Career Development Incentive Program and recognized locally and nationally by business and industry. 

Connecting with Business

Districts are collaborating with non-profits, businesses, and community colleges in their county or region to build and promote industry certification opportunities.  Please see the CDE Career Readiness website for more information.  See also:

Implementation Strategies

Pueblo 70 Schools

The graduation requirements in D70 include a definition of the Industry Certificates that will be accepted by the district for the Industry Certificate demonstration of learning:

  • Through Concurrent Enrollment with the Colorado Community College System, all Pueblo School District 70 high school students have access to Career and Technical Education programs of study which offer industry recognized certificates or degrees upon completion of the program. Successful completion of any program of study requiring applied Mathematics and English courses will serve as an adequate demonstration of Career and College readiness in English and/or Math.
  • Industry Recognized Certificates earned through trade apprenticeships or specialized career-specific training such as information technology, manufacturing technology, or hospitality and tourism, for example, will also be considered for acceptance as demonstrations of Career and College readiness in English and Math.
  • The high school communities along with the District instructional team will decide which certificates to accept as demonstrations of Career and College readiness based upon an evaluation of the curriculum of the program of study or the components of an industry training program, as well as verification that the student has been granted certification by an appropriate certifying entity.

Peyton School District 

In the fall of 2015, Peyton School District opened its Career Technical Education Facility in an abandoned middle school with the Woods Manufacturing Program. “This is not a shop class, but a program that teaches students cutting edge skills needed in the Woods Manufacturing industry.”

Peyton School District resources: 


Jefferson County Schools 

The goal of the Jeffco Schools implementation process is “to create a set of criteria and process for approving industry certificate to be used as a demonstration of readiness for graduation.” 

Career and Technical Educations (CTE)

CTE programs - that are in high schools and are connected with Community Colleges - offer a unique opportunity for the implementation of industry certifications into the curriculum. Many programs include a sequence of courses that lead to an industry certification. Also, CTE Advisory Committees associated with CTE programs include business professionals who are interested in students’ success in multiple career pathways.

Littleton Public Schools

Students in Littleton are eligible to take classes at Arapahoe Community College.  They receive concurrent enrollment credit, and, if available, prepare for industry certifications and/or state licensing exams.

Westminster Schools

Career and Technical Education is a priority area in the district’s strategic plan: Vision 2020.

Implementation Strategies – Other States