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Building a Data Culture Webinar Series

Description: The Building a Data Culture video series builds on resources from the Institute of Education Sciences and What Works Clearinghouse to describe the five key areas that are needed to create a strong data culture in schools and districts. (Created: 2023)

"A strong data culture results when an organization believes in continuous improvement and regularly puts that belief into practice. Schools and districts that have strong data cultures emphasize collaboration as a keystone for success and they empower teachers and administrators to make decisions for which they will be held accountable." (Ronka, Geier, & Marciniak, 2010)

Audience: School and District Administrators and Staff

Need additional support with any of these topics? The School Improvement and Planning Team is available throughout the year to provide further training. Reach out to to submit a training request!

Webinar 1: Ensuring Access to Data

School and system leaders ensure that educators and teams have easy access to data in an interpretable format—educators can't use data if it's not readily available and actionable.


Webinar 2: Building Knowledge and Skills to Use Data

Many educators need additional professional learning to know how to interpret and use data.


Webinar 3: Making Meaning from Data

Provide dedicated time for educator teams to meet and discuss the data, collaborating to find meaningful and useful insights to inform action.


Webinar 4: Clarifying Data Use Expectations

It's helpful to be clear about how the data will be used, by whom, and for what goal or purpose, so that educators know which teams use data in different scenarios.



Webinar 5: Leading to Support a Data Culture

School and system leaders are active and intentional about nurturing data use among their teams and providing the environment for their educators to develop skills and feel comfortable integrating meaningful data use into daily practice