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Title I Interchange


The Title I Interchange is a platform for LEAs to report how many students benefited from Title I Targeted Assistance (TA) programs and what services or resources they received at any point during the year. These data populate Student October and End-of-Year snapshots, and numbers are reported to the United States Department of Education (USDE) annually.

Clarifications regarding Title I Services

Title I programs may be developed as Schoolwide (SW) or TA models. CDE has developed guidance around school eligibility and responsibilities in implementing a SW or TA model. It is important to understand the distinction between students experiencing poverty and students most at-risk of academic failure in developing and implementing programs[1]. Free and reduced meal (FRM) eligible students draw Title I, Part A funds to the district and ultimately the school; students most at-risk of academic failure receive Title I services or resources. Therefore, Title I identified students may or may not be designated as FRM.

Mitigate Common Errors 

While submitting data in the Title I interchange on students served with Title I funds in TA schools, common errors occur, which can be remedied or prevented.

  • Ensure you are working in the correct collection year. The current year and previous years’ collections are open at the same time.
  • Ensure you are using current data and that students who received TA services in a prior year are not rolled over to the next year unintentionally. This frequently occurs but may only be obvious when students transition across grade-spans (E-M, M-H) and trigger errors. Review and revise data as changes transpire throughout the year (e.g., when a student is no longer receiving services).
  • Ensure that all TA students listed received at least one service; if no service is marked “Yes,” the interchange will indicate an error. This assures that only students actually served with Title I remain in the interchange.
  • All fields in the template must be completed; blanks will generate an error.
  • Eligible students must be enrolled within Title I-funded grade-spans. CDE will use data from the district’s Consolidated Application to populate the interchange.
  • Title I Interchange data must match the Student interchange exactly.
  • Maintain a complete data file for your records. Edit, append, or overwrite existing data with intentionality. CDE cannot retrieve deleted or overwritten data.


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[1] In a TA program, student identification is made for the prioritized program that renders them eligible or ineligible for services. Students identified as most at risk of not meeting state academic standards are served. These students may or may not be identified has low-income students that draw Title I, Part A funds to the school. Conversely, within a SW program, all students can receive additional services. No student identification is made that renders them eligible or ineligible for services. Students identified as most at risk are given additional assistance.