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FPSU Leadership Team

Nazanin (Nazie) Mohajeri-Nelson, Ph.D.
Executive Director
720-626-3895 (c)

Emily Owen
Program Support Lead
720-661-9065 (c)

Yazmine Patino
Program Assistant
720-456-9686 (c)

Tammy Giessinger
Program Monitoring Supervisor
720-827-5291 (c)

Laura Meushaw
Program Implementation Supervisor
720-728-9023 (c)

Tina Negley
Program Effectiveness Supervisor
720-766-2793 (c)

Program Effectiveness Office

Administrative Lead: Yazmine Patino

Tina Negley
Coordinator and Program Effectiveness Supervisor
720-766-2793 (c)

Melissa Chaffin
ESEA Reporting Specialist 
720-908-1379 (c)

Mackenzie Owens
ESSER Reporting and Monitoring Specialist
720-601-7112 (c)

Jerry Ring
ESEA Reporting and Program Evaluation Specialist
720-541-4145 (c)

Mary Shen
ESEA Program Evaluator and Lead Research Analyst
720-766-8723 (c)

Program Implementation Office

Administrative Lead: Emily Owen

Laura Meushaw
Title I Coordinator and Program Implementation Supervisor
720-728-9023 (c)

Christina Adeboye Sullivan
Program Implementation Coordinator & Non-Public Schools Ombudsman
720-498-2252 (c)

Evita Byrd
ESEA Title I and IV Specialist
720-347-5667 (c)

Rachel Echsner
ESEA Title I and II Specialist
303-681-6486 (c)

Rachel Temple
ESEA Title III Specialist
720-202-6135 (c)

Program Monitoring Office

Administrative Lead: Yazmine Patino

Tammy Giessinger
Title IV Coordinator and Program Monitoring Supervisor
720-827-5291 (c)

Kristin Crumley
ESEA/ESSER Monitoring Coordinator
720-660-1369 (c)

ESEA Programs

Nathan Hickman
ESEA Titles I, Part D and IV Specialist
720-833-8194 (c)

Kim Boylan
ESEA Titles I and III / ESSER Monitoring Specialist
720-354-7031 (c)

Sue Miller-Curley
ESEA Title II Specialist
720-990-4987 (c)

ESSER Programs

Nadine Penn
ESSER Monitoring Specialist
720-795-2532 (c)

Kriselda Craven
ESSER Monitoring Specialist
720-355-1118 (c)

Jonathan Schelke
ESSER Monitoring Specialist
720-388-0842 (c)