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High Growth Title I Schools Leadership


Across all nine schools, the ratings for the Leadership standard were high. However, five of the schools stood out for their remarkably strong leadership. Leadership at these schools did not merely reside in the school principal but was purposefully distributed across teams - teachers were very much a part of the decision-making process. This support for and value of distributed leadership is reflected in the overall vision and mission of each school.

According to the reports generated by the ESP reviews, the following were the highest ranked indicators in the Leadership standard:

  • Leadership allocates and monitors the use of resources
  • Leadership protects instructional time
  • Leadership develops and sustains a shared mission and vision
  • School leadership incorporates information from disaggregated data into the school
    improvement plan
  • School leadership promotes and supports a diverse educational environment

For more information regarding implementation of this standard, follow this link to be directed to the Leadership section of the High Growth Title I Schools Study: Summary Report.


Video clips of principals discussing their successes with some of the leadership indicators:

  • Principal leadership
    • Leadership video 1 - Principal addresses the importance of creating a culture to support all students and working together to accomplish this.
    • Leadership video 2 - Principal discusses his leadership style and the importance of relationships.
    • Leadership video 3 - Principal discusses the high expectations that he holds for staff and students.
  • Distributed leadership
    • Leadership video 4 - Principal speaks to a norm of shared leadership in the building, and why this is important.
  • Principal’s presence
    • Leadership video 5 - Principal addresses the importance of lesson planning and her expectations for staff in this area
    • Leadership video 6 - Principal speaks about presence in classrooms every day – this builds relations with students as well.


Follow the links below for more information on how these schools are implementing strong leadership.

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