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CDE Advisory List of Providers

CDE's 2022-2023 School & District Support Request for Information


The Colorado Department of Education (CDE) invites providers to join the state’s effort to transform low performing schools and ensure that all students have access to schools that prepare them to be college and career ready.  Interested providers may have the opportunity to engage with district and  school leaders to support school improvement efforts by providing services in the following categories:

District-level supports

  • District-level Strategic Planning (holistic or targeted at one or more key district systems)

  • District Improvement Implementation Support

  • District Managers

School-level supports

  • School Holistic Diagnostic Reviews and Improvement Planning

  • School Improvement Implementation Support

  • School Managers

Note: School Turnaround Leadership Development (STLD) program providers have the option of applying under District Improvement Implementation Support, School Improvement Implementation Support or both in order to become a qualified STLD provider. Additional information about this program and currently identified providers can be found here.

Given the disruptions and innovations caused by COVID-19 and changes to CDE’s RFI structure and criteria, all new and previously approved providers will be required to complete a new RFI to provide updated information about the supports or services offered by their organization.  However, CDE intends to utilize the quality review process for this RFI to establish a multi-year list of approved providers.

The School and District Support RFI overview document provides all of the information needed for organizations to apply, including context and greater detail for each of the identified categories of service.  To apply, please complete the School and District Support Request for Information process described below.

Application Process

  1. Attend webinar for potential providers (optional): An optional webinar for interested providers was offered on Friday, June 24th from 10:00-11:00 am MST. A recording of the webinar is available here: 2022-2023 School and District Support Request for Information: Webinar for Providers

  2. Submit Letter of Intent: If your organization intends to submit an application for this RFI, please complete this brief online Letter of Intent by July 1st, at 5:00 pm MST.  While this letter is optional, we strongly encourage submission.

  3. Submit application (required): 

    • ​​​Complete applications are due electronically by Google form submission by July 25th, at 5:00 pm MST. All required application forms must be submitted via the Google form when prompted. Late responses may be accepted or rejected at CDE’s discretion. Note: Applicants will need to submit using a gmail account or google-linked account in order to use the required Google form submission.

    • All organizations must complete Form A: Organization Overview and Team Capacity Matrix

    • Organizations must then complete an additional, service-specific RFI form for each service to which they intend to apply:

      • Form B:  District-level Strategic Planning

      • Form C:  School-level Holistic Review and Improvement Planning

      • Form D:  District-level Improvement Implementation Support

      • Form E:  School-level Improvement Implementation Support

      • Form F:  District-level Management Providers

      • Form G:  School-level Management Providers

    • Please review the full RFI for further information and details on the application process.  The full RFI along with the application forms and other applicable documents are linked below.

Overview Document, Blank Forms, and Rubrics

Overview Document

Blank Forms

Rubrics: CDE has outlined the quality criteria and service expectations for each of the service areas in the rubrics for each service area.  These rubrics can be found below.  Providers who are interested in responding to this RFI are strongly encouraged to review these rubrics to understand the scope, quality criteria, and CDE’s service expectations for each service area.

Please contact Carol Mehesy ( with any questions about the RFI process.