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This page includes general resources for timeline and completion of the UIP as well as documents and tools for each section of the UIP. The resources are a mix of CDE-created templates that have been used in partnership with schools and districts and third-party resources that may be helpful for UIP continuous improvement processes and completing the UIP.

Important Dates

  • January 15 - For districts with schools on the Accountability Clock (i.e., priority improvement, turnaround), state law requires notification be sent to parents with information about the school’s plan type, UIP process, and about the upcoming public hearing. CDE will be monitoring the notification process this year. The communication must either be emailed to or attached to the school’s UIP by January 15.
  • January 15 - Schools receiving ratings of Priority Improvement and Turnaround required to submit UIP. Will receive feedback from CDE including if there are required changes for April submission.
  • April 15 - All schools required to submit UIP for public posting.

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