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UIP Online System


The UIP Online System has been developed to generate and maintain both district- and school-level Unified Improvement Plans (UIP) within an online environment. Beginning in 2016-17, all districts and schools will be expected to use the online system -- the MS Word template will no longer be available. Contact the improvement planning office right away if the transition to the online system will create issues.

The system can be accessed through the CDE Identity Management Page. To begin, your District LAM will need to assign each user in the school/district to one role. The roles are either a District Administrator (can submit UIP and view and edit all school/district UIP), District User (can view and edit all school/district UIP), School Administrator (can submit UIP) or School User. Once assigned, users will select the Unified Improvement Planning Online System (UIP) - District & CDE Users tab for District Administrators, District Users, and CDE Users, and the Unified Improvement Planning Online System (UIP) - School Users for School Administrators and School Users.


The Improvement Planning team recommends utilizing these resources as you enter the UIP Online System. District users will have more administrative responsibility, while schools will enter directly into the UIP.

Quick Access to the UIP: Guidance Webinars

The UIP team has recorded a series of webinars designed to guide users through the Online System and address common roadblocks and questions. These webinar recordings can be viewed at the following links and provide step-by-step support. 

•    Districts: Quick Access to a UIP
•    Schools: Logging in and the My School tab
•    Schools: The My School Tab and Copy from Last Year button
•    Downloading a PDF of your UIP
•    Section III: Using the Brief Description Section
•    Section III: Using the Prior Year Targets Section
•    Section III: Using the Current Performance Section
•    Section III: Support for Trend Analysis
•    Section III: Using the Trend Analysis Section
•    Section III: Support for PPCs
•    Section III: Using the PPCs Section
•    Section III: Support for Root Cause Analysis
•    Section III: Using the Root Causes Section
•    Section III: Using the Overall UIP Narrative Section
•    The Complete and Ready to Submit Button

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