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Important Dates

  • October 25 - Deadline for most schools and districts to submit 2022-2023 UIP. 
  • January 17 - Deadline for newly identified schools and districts to submit 2022-2023 UIP.

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For support changing a user's access in the Online System, submit the Request to Change School UIP Access form

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For all other issues, please contact the SIP Team at


All Users

These resources are designed for all users and may pertain to school users who enter directly into the UIP or district users who have more administrative options.

  • Online UIP User Guide (PDF) (updated April 2022) - Contains information to assist district and school users with logging in to the UIP Online System, navigating the sections and subsections of the UIP, and submitting a completed UIP. 

District Specific Resources

These resources are designed for District Admin/Users who have access to additional administrative responsibilities and are in charge of user setup/management.

  • District Admin User Guide (PDF)  (updated August 2022) - Includes instructions and screenshots to navigate the administrative pages for the UIP Online System, including accessing UIPs, submitting UIPs, generating reports, and using the additional administrative features.
  • UIP Online System User Set Up and Management (PDF) (updated July 2022)- A resource for Local Access Managers (LAMs) to set up users in the UIP Online Systems and manage changes to user access (e.g. a school user needs access to a new school)
  • UIP Submissions and Online System District Dashboards Webinar (Sept 2022) - A walkthrough of how to submit school and district-level UIPs, use dashboards in the Online System to monitor submissions, and denote flexibilities