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School Transportation Task Force


SB23-094 creates a School Transportation Modernization Task Force to study the issues facing school transportation systems and use the study’s findings to develop and recommend policies, laws, and rules to improve public school transportation across the state in order to better meet student needs and alleviate burdens on school districts.

The Commissioner’s designee shall chair the task force.  The task force shall meet at the call of the chair at least two times from August through December 2023 and at least four times from May through November 2024.  CDE has selected the Dillinger Research to facilitate the task force meetings, take minutes and write the official report.  The Task Force’s report with findings and recommendations for improving school transportation services for students is due on or before December 1, 2024. The statute outlines the items that must be included in the report:

(a)     Identification of transportation challenges that create barriers to students attending a school district-assigned neighborhood public school, public school of choice, or career pathway programs;

(b)     Recommendations for implementing a simplified reimbursement process for school districts based on the findings or recommendations from the transportation subcommittee of the financial policies and procedures advisory committee of the department of education;

(c)     Identification of existing and potential funding sources for providing school transportation;

(d)     Recommendations for creating and implementing sustainable funding mechanisms to meet school transportation needs;

(e)     Recommendations for creating and implementing a transportation innovation fund to support local efforts to create new and innovative transportation solutions that may serve as a model to scale and sustain in other school districts and charter schools;

(f)     Recommendations for facilitating partnerships among school districts, district and institute charter schools, public transportation providers, private transportation providers, and local nonprofit organizations to meet transportation needs and create cost efficiencies, while maintaining safety standards;

(g)     Recommendations for creating pathways and talent pipelines for transportation provider and logistics careers;

(h)     Recommendations for competitive salaries and benefits packages necessary to recruit and retain school transportation drivers;

(i)     Identification of outcomes from transportation assistance grants from the department of education, and recommendations for replication or expansion;

(j)     An analysis of the costs and benefits associated with requiring route school buses that can control traffic with alternating flashing red lights to have automated vehicle information systems, as defined at section 42-4-110.5 (6), to record motor vehicles that unlawfully pass a stopped route school bus; and

(k)     Recommendations for legislation or rules that may improve school transportation, including recommendations for legislation or rules that do not exacerbate the marginalization of communities through separation while protecting public funds with clear accountability and transparency.

Task Force Members

Task force membership is outlined in 22-107-103, C.R.S.

Trevor Byrne 
Labor Union for School Bus Driver Representative
Erin Camper
Advocacy Organization for Students with Disabilities
Brenda Dickhoner
Advocacy Org with Experience Advocating for School Transportation Modernization  
Robert Dipietro
School Transportation Director (Suburban)
Jen Douglas
Charter School Representative
Michelle Exstrom
Parent Who Uses/Would Use Transportation
Dustin Kress
Ride Share Transportation Provider (Regulated by PUC))
Stephanie Hansen
After-School Program Provider
Kaycee Headrick
After-School Program Provider
Debra Johnson 
Public Transportation Provider
Morgan Judge
Ride Share Transportation (Transports Students, Regulated by CDE)
Amy Lloyd
Special Education Director
Michael Madden
District Chief Financial Officer (Rural)
Nicholas Martinez
Recipient of CDE Transportation Assistance Grant


Steve McCracken
Chad Miller 
Charter School Representative (CSI School) 
Susan Miller 
Commissioner Designee
Jessica Morrison 
Business/Industry that Partners with Schools to Provide Career Pathway Programs
Joel Newton 
Business/Industry that Partners with Schools to Provide Career Pathway Programs
Leiton Powell 
Public Transportation Provider
Albert Samora
School Transportation Director (Urban)
Dain Schiele
Parent Who Uses/Would Use Transportation
Jana Schleusner
District Chief Financial Officer
Dave Slothower
Superintendent (Rural)
Sarah Swanson 
Advocacy Org with Experience Advocating for School Transportation Modernization 
Casey Ungs
School Transportation Director (Rural)
Kevin Vick
Labor Union for School Bus Driver Representative 
David Werner 
Parent Who Uses/Would Use Transportation




Meeting Resources

The task force is a state public body and therefore are subject to Colorado Open Meeting Law and Colorado Open Records Act.  


2023-2024 Task force meeting dates and times:

Meeting #1 - September 25, 2023                                                                               

Meeting #2 - December 11, 2023

​Meeting #3 - January 22, 2024

Meeting #4 - February 13, 2024

Meeting #5 - March 19, 2024

Meeting #6 - April 9, 2024

​Meeting #7 - May 13, 2024

​Meeting #8 - June 11, 2024

​Meeting #9 - July 9, 2024

​Meeting #10 - August 13, 2024

  • Agenda - TBD
  • PowerPoint - TBD
  • Recording - TBD 

​Meeting #11 - September 5, 2024

  • Agenda - TBD
  • PowerPoint - TBD
  • Recording - TBD 

​Meeting #12 - October 8, 2024

  • Agenda - TBD
  • PowerPoint - TBD
  • Recording - TBD 


Susan Miller, Supervisor of the School Transportation Unit -