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Guidelines and Regulations

15 Passenger Vans

Certified Bus/Chassis Manufacturers

Certified Retarders (Secondary Braking Systems)

Child Restraint Systems on School Bus

Colorado Minimum Standards Governing School Transportation Vehicles 1 CCR 301-25

Colorado Operations, Maintenance and Annual Inspection Rules for School Transportation Vehicles 1 CCR 301-26

Commercial Driver Manual

Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)


Mountain Driving

Qualification Files

  • Qualification Files - Documentation Required (PDF)
    • School Bus/Multifunction/Motor Coach - NEW ELDT Training Effective February 7, 2022
    • School Bus/Multifunction/Motor Coach (CDL)
    • Type A/Multifunction/Small Vehicle Route (Non-CDL)
    • Type A/Multifunction/Small Vehicle Activity (Non-CDL)
    • Annual Inspector

Record Retention

Registered Used Bus Dealers


Rules Concerning the Implementation of the Safe Routes to School Program 2 CCR 601-19

Rules Governing Authorized Service Vehicles on Public Streets, Highways, and Roadways 2 CCR 601-20

Special Education