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Graduation Guidelines Summit

Using ICAP to Create Meaningful Career Conversations

Join in a discussion with school counselors, CTE teachers, and administrators from Westminster High School, Poudre High School, and NE BOCES, who will share practical implementation ideas that spark and sustain career conversations, and help each student build meaningful goals and pathways to Postsecondary Workforce Readiness, graduation, and placement. This session focused on how career development and employment relevancy-based approaches that reflect the skills needed in today’s economy can be integrated into our classrooms and school cultures. Join us to learn more about how we are helping Colorado rethink and reimagine ICAP as Meaningful Career Conversations. 

Materials to Share: 

District Participants and Facilitators: 

  • Don Crow, Northeast Colorado Partnership Director
  • Logan Laszczyk, PWR Counselor, District 11
  • Cassie Poncelow, School Counselor, Poudre High School, Poudre School District
  • Victoria Rimmey, School Counselor, Westminster High School, Westminster Public Schools
  • Facilitator: Lauren Jones Austin, CTE Program Director for Special Populations, Counseling & Equity, Colorado Community College System