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Graduation Guidelines Career Pathways and Industry Certificates

Career Pathways and Industry Certificates 

Learn how Poudre High School, Colorado Springs District 11, Peyton, and Widefeld school districts are using industry certifications as measures of competency for high school graduation; how     rigorous employer-valued and labor-market driven credentials are being integrated into curriculum; and how they have leveraged their programs to take advantage of HB-1289 (Career Success Incentive).

Materials to Share: 

District Participants and Facilitators: 

  • Kelby Benedict, Assistant Principal, Poudre High School, Poudre School District
  • Scott Campbell, Superintendent, Widefield School District 3
  • Tim Kistler, Superintendent, Peyton School District 23JT
  • Duane Roberson, CTE Director, Colorado Springs School District 11
  • Facilitator: Mary Anne Hunter, Postsecondary Pathways Coordinator, Colorado Department of Education