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PWR Diploma Endorsement

 History and Statutory Requirements

 The PWR Diploma Endorsement was legislated in 2008 as part of the Cap4K initiatives, C.R.S. 22-7-1009 and 22-7-1017. The intent of the legislation was to offer students an incentive and a stamp of readiness.

 In 2010, a small group (10) created a document about what PWR Endorsement meant at the time.

In August 2013, the State Board of Education (SBE) and the Colorado Commission on Higher Education (CCHE) jointly adopted the first PWR Endorsed Diploma criteria.

In 2014 a much broader group considered the criteria for the endorsement and made a recommendation to CDE to suspend implementation of the endorsement until after the State Board of Education approved the Graduation Guidelines menu of options.

 In Sept 2015, the State Board of Education adopted Graduation Guidelines

 In 2017, the legislature passed SB17-272 which reinvigorates the PWR Endorsement discussion, challenging the state to develop predictive indicators for success in attaining credentials in career, the military, and in college. The legislature also approved HB17-1201 (Diploma Endorsement for STEM) and SB17-123 (Diploma Endorsement for Biliteracy). 

The Colorado State Board of Education adopted the updated PWR Diploma Endorsement on April 10, 2019.

PWR Diploma Endorsement

Click the image below to view and/or print a copy of the PWR Diploma Endorsement.

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PWR Diploma Endorsement Criteria

Work Group Objectives

  • Identify opportunities, challenges, and best/promising practices.
  • Develop implementation recommendations.
  • Explore and outline resources and tools.
  • Align skills, abilities, and knowledge that are valued by business, industry, and higher education.
  • Outline systematic pathways for students to explore and develop these skills.
  • Identify stakeholder connections and messages.
  • Maintain a written record of implementation recommendations, tools and resources, best/promising practices, and relevant discussions

Work Group Members

  • Todd Rinehart, University of Denver
  • Joanna Bruno, CDE
  • Lulu Buck, CDE
  • Fumnanya Camara, CDE
  • Gabriel Castono, Johnson & Wales
  • Charles Dukes, Aurora Public Schools
  • Spencer Ellis, CDHE;
  • Wayne Artis, Pikes Peak Community College
  • Carl Einhaus, Colorado Department of Higher Education, Facilitator
  • Scott Fast, Innovate + Educate
  • Jef Fugita, Jefferson County Schools
  • Elise Hauer, Adams 12
  • Shane Larson, Colorado Mountain College and Roaring Fork Schools
  • Ron Marostica, Re1, Sterling, RE-1
  • Colleen Newman, University of Colorado/Boulder
  • Sheila Potorff, Poudre Schools
  • Megan Tracey, Western State Colorado University
  • Renise Walker, Colorado Workforce Development Council
  • Catherine Wilson, University of Colorado/Denver
  • Diana Zakhem, Englewood Schools

  • Elaine Menardi, Colorado AeroLab
  • Deserie Ontivaros, MSU Denver
  • Brandon Protas, Community College of Denver
  • Shawn Rodwell, Cheraw School District
  • Misti Ruthven, CDE
  • Robin Russel, CDE
  • Luis Sandoval, MSU Denver
  • Jennie Shilling, Greeley Schools 
  • Becky Sneller, Wiggins
  • Andy Tucker, CDE, Facilitator
  • Tammy Ward, Community College System
  • Lee Wheeler-Berliner, Colorado Workforce Development Council
  • Fumnanya Camera, CDE
  • Dan Hoff, District 11
  • Tammy Lawrence, Boulder Valley Schools
  • Mimi Leonard, Littleton Public Schools
  • Ian MacGillivray, Colorado Department of Higher Education and Community College System
  • Kim Medina, Colorado School of Mines

PWR Diploma Endorsement Archives 

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