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Graduation Guidelines - ACT WorkKeys


ACT WorkKeys is an assessment that tests students’ job skills in applied reading, writing, mathematics and Essential Skills. Scores are based on job profiles that help employers select, hire, train, develop and retain a high-performance workforce. Students who score at the bronze level (at least 3) in Applied Math, Graphic Literacy and Workplace Documents earn the ACT’s National Career Readiness Certificate.

Students must score at least a "3" or bronze level in ALL THREE ASSESSMENTS in order to demonstrate career and college readiness. Businesses recognize ACT's National Career Readiness Certificate, not individual tests. So, it's the certificate that meets the Graduation Guidelines competencies, not single tests.

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Schools and Districts can check with your local Workforce Development Center or Community College to access the ACT WorkKeys Curriculum and the ACT WorkKeys Assessment.  Workforce Centers that are part of the Colorado Rural Workforce Consortium may have access to ACT WorkKeys at no cost.

Schools can set up and administer their own ACT WorkKeys Assessments. Contact ACT directly:  The assessments:

  • can be delivered and proctored by school staff
  • are scheduled for 55 minutes for each test
  • are $36 for all 3 tests, Applied Math, Graphic Literacy and Workplace Documents 
  • can be delivered with accommodations
  • can be administered in Spanish for your English Learners (based on district policy). Students who score 3 or higher on the ACT WorkKeys Spanish version will meet Graduation Guidelines competencies for Reading, Writing, and Communicating and mathematics, as long as they pass all three assessments, Applied Math, Graphic Literacy and Workplace Documents. 

Students can learn more about the ACT WorkKeys assessment:

  • Preparation
  • Sample Questions
  • Online Practice Test

Mesa County, including Mesa County Valley District 51 High Schools, is a certified Work Ready Community.  Read about the collaboration between the Mesa County Workforce Center and D51 Schools.  More than 150 employers in Mesa County recognize or recommend the ACT WorkKeys NCRC.

Career Exploration Tool:  The Mesa County Workforce Center (in conjunction with the D51 schools) has completed a website designed to engage students and equip them with the knowledge needed to make an educated decision about their career path.

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Access the ACT WorkKeys website and the ACT WorkKeys FAQs.

Check with the local Workforce Development Center or Community College to access the ACT WorkKeys Curriculum and the ACT WorkKeys Assessment.