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SIS Virtual Office Hours

SIS Virtual Office Hours

The Office of Standards and Instructional Support (SIS) is hosting virtual office hours to support educators during extended school closures. During these office hours, our specialists will be available to provide content-specific resources to support learning at home, as well as to facilitate networking and resource sharing between educators.

If you would like to submit questions in advance or provide feedback on ways our team can support you during extended school closures, please use the Resources for Learning at Home form.

SIS virtual office hours are being held Thursdays at 3:00-4:00pm

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Content Specialists

Please reach out directly if you would like to speak with a content specialist directly or make an appointment.

General Questions

Joanna Bruno, Ph.D.
C 303.919.3907

Computer Science

Chris Summers
Computer Science Content Specialist
C 720.648.3909

Comprehensive and Physical Education

James Hurley, Ph.D.
Comprehensive Health and Physical Education Content Specialist
C: 303.910.3901


Raymond Johnson, Ph.D.
Mathematics Content Specialist
C 720.520.3698

Personal Financial Literacy

Alyssa Wooten
PFL Content Specialist
C 720.827.5307

Reading, Writing and Communicating

Olivia Gillespie
RWC Content Specialist
C 720.920.1298

Science and STEM

Maya Garcia
Science and STEM Specialist
C 303.503.7988

Social Studies

Stephanie Hartman, Ph.D.
Social Studies Content Specialist
C 720.498.2084

Visual and Performing Arts

Judi Hofmeister
Dance Arts Consultant
Drama and Theatre Arts Consultant

Donna Goodwin, Ph.D.
Visual Arts Consultant

Carla Aguilar, Ph.D.
Music Arts Consultant