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WSCC Nutrition Environment and Services

Nutrition Environment and Services

The school nutrition environment provides students with opportunities to learn about and practice healthy eating through nutrition education, messages about food in the cafeteria and throughout the school campus, and available food and beverages, including in vending machines, “grab and go” kiosks, school stores, concession stands, food carts, classroom rewards and parties, school celebrations, and fundraisers. School nutrition services provide meals and snacks that meet federal nutrition standards. All individuals in the school community can support a healthy school nutrition environment.

Colorado Department of Education Resources

Office of School Nutrition: The Office of School Nutrition is committed to ensuring all school-aged children have equal access to healthy meals by supporting, training, and connecting Colorado’s child nutrition community.

Office of School Nutrition Resources: School Nutrition Resources

Standards and Instruction Resources for teaching nutrition education: the standards and instruction unit has identified a variety of resources for teaching nutrition education.

Coordination and Practices:

Nutrition Environment and Services SMART Guides: RMC Health, coordination of nutrition across WSCC component areas.

Health Eating Best Practices: Rocky Mountain Center for Prevention Research Healthy Eating best practices.

Healthy School Framework: The Alliance for a Healthier Generation: Healthy School Framework that allows schools to track progress and be recognized for outstanding accomplishments in school health

CDC School Health Guidelines: CDC synthesized research and best practices related to promoting healthy eating and physical activity in schools, culminating in nine guidelines.

Supporting Policies

Wellness Policies: CDE Office of School Nutrition Wellness policy supports

Sample Local Wellness Policies

Fit, Healthy and Ready to Learn, A School Health Policy Guide from the National Association of State Boards of Education

State School Health Policy database from the National Association of State Boards of Education