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Twice-exceptional Professional Development

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Twice-exceptional Professional Development Opportunities

Twice Exceptional Learners Part 1

The online or in-person statewide part 1 course acquaints educators and specialists with the characteristics and needs of twice-exceptional (2e) students.  Participants discuss their own experiences with 2e students with each other as they progress through the course.

  • Please check back in November for information and registration for January’s Twice Exceptional (2e) Foundations: Part 1 course

Twice Exceptional Learners Part 2

The online or in-person statewide part 2 course goes deeper into disability areas, problem-solving, and strategies to support 2e students.

​Summer Institute on Twice-Exceptionality

Summer Institute is a 4-day intensive training opportunity to participate in both Part 1 and Part 2 training.

Please check back in November for more information.


AU Twice-exceptional Project

Administrative Unit Projects are available each year to those AUs that want a focused opportunity for their own educators to be trained as a group and to develop their own plan for recognizing and serving their 2e students. (Projects last for 2 years.)

Resources for Professional Development


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Additional Resources

Description: In this webinar, Julia Wigert, School Psychologist Specialist at Colorado Department of Education, leads a 2e Professional Learning Community discussion with school psychologists, counselors, special education professionals, and gifted educators on the use of individually administered standardized cognitive assessments, such as WISC V, for the identification of twice-exceptional learners

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