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Designated Agency Data Collection


Pursuant to Colorado Revised Statute 22-2-112(q), the Colorado Department of Education is directed to collaborate with the Colorado Department of Higher Education to prepare an annual report on the effectiveness of educator preparation programs, which include higher education institutions and alternative educator preparation programs. The Colorado Department of Education shall work cooperatively with each alternative educator preparation program to collect candidate data that are required to fulfill CRS 22-2-112(q).

This website contains resources concerning the data collection.

Notes: Before proceeding with the data upload, please carefully review the file layout requirements. Also, download and have handy the designated agency and endorsement code book.


The Designated Agency Data Collection for 2023-2024 opens December 1, 2023 and closes August 30, 2024.

File Layout and Definitions

File Formatting

  • Pipeline only accepts file extensions of: csv  txt  xls  xlsx
  • You need a header row (in first row)
  • Pipeline only accepts field delimiters of: ,  |   ~
  • Include leading zeros (0) for required fields (for instance 01, 02, 03, or 04 for gender)

Business Rules


Use the following template to facilitate data upload.


Additional Resources

Login Requests

Contact: Research and Impact for any questions concerning the data collection or issues with data upload.