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Notable Coloradans Resource Set

The resource set includes additional sources to accompany the Primary Source Set and Lesson Ideas to help extend lessons and further student understanding. Primary Source Analysis Worksheets are available on the Elementary Primary Source Sets main page.

Little Raven

Little Raven (Image)

Chief Little Raven: Peacemaker.  The above link also includes a biography of Little Raven.

Portrait of Little Raven

Portrait of Little Raven (Photograph) ~ 1880-1910

Two images of Little Raven, a Native American (Arapaho) man. Both images are studio portraits (standing).

Photograph, includes Little Raven ~ 1869

Little Raven (Photograph) ~ 1869

Group portrait depicting the U.S. military and members of the Arapaho Native American tribe. From left to right are Little Raven; Little Raven's daughter Grass Woman; Col. William Bent; and Little Raven's sons Little Bear and Shield. The image was photographed by William S. Soule at Fort Dodge, Kansas on August 5, 1869.

Painting of Little Raven ~ 1930-1939

Little Raven ~ 1930-1939 (Painting)

Portrait of Chief Little Raven wearing an eagle feather headdress, green neck scarf, a white vest with red/blue/green designs, white shirt, and a beaded garter. He is holding blue blanket wrapped around him with his left hand, and a pipe in his right. 

Clara Brown Photograph ~ 1875-1885

Clara Brown, Pioneer ~ 1875-1885 (Photograph)

Clara Brown was a former slave from Virginia who became a community leader, philanthropist and aided settlement of former slaves during the time of Colorado's Gold Rush.

Clara Brown Bronze Statue, 2016

Bronze of Clara Brown, 2016 (Artwork)

'Clara Brown, Pioneer' -- Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture, The National Mall Washington (DC) 

Newspaper Article of Fire, Clara Brown's House

Our City in Flames! A  Disastrous Conflagration (Newspaper Article)

Central City fire destroyed Clara Brown's house.  Daily Register Call, January 28, 1873. 

The Death of Clara Brown, 1885

Colorado Pioneers Mourn the Death of Clara Brown (Newspaper Article)

Clara Brown's Death. Colorado Transcript, November 4, 1885. 

Corky Gonzales

Corky Gonzales ~ 1968 (Photograph)

Rodolfo "Corky" Gonzales, Activist, Writer, Boxer.  The above link also includes a short biography of Corky Gonzales. 

Mexican American Rodolpho Corky Gonzales, activist

Mexican American, Corky Gonzales, Activist ~ 1960 - 1970

Mexican American Rodolpho "Corky" Gonzales, Mexican American activist and founder of the Crusade for Justice, addresses a crowd in probably Denver, Colorado. 

Former boxer Corky Gonzales with Cesar Chavez

Former Boxer, Rodolpho "Corky" Gonzales ~ 1966 (Photograph)

Former boxer Rodolfo (Corky) Gonzales, right, with Cesar Chavez, formed the Crusade for Justice in 1966.

Interview with Corky Gonzales, September 5, 1977

Interview with Corky Gonzales, 1977 (Newspaper Article)

Interview with Corky Gonzales, La Cucaracha, Volume II, Number 8, September 5, 1977.

Pat Schroeder, US House of Representatives

Pat Schroeder, U.S. House of Representatives, 1970's (Photograph)

In 1972, Pat Schroeder won an election for Congress in Colorado's first district, based in Denver. At age 32, she is the third-youngest woman ever elected to Congress. 


Pat Schroeder, 1988 Presidential Campaign Button

Pat Schroeder, Presidential Campaign Button, 1988 (Image/Artifact)

Schroeder decided for a brief time to seek the Democratic nomination for President.

Patricia Schroeder, Colorado Women's Hall of Fame

Pat Schroeder, Colorado Women's Hall of Fame (Article)

Patricia Schroeder, Colorado Women's Hall of Fame, inducted in 1985.