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Keota Resource Set

Keota Resource Set

The resource set includes additional sources to accompany the Primary Source Set and Lesson Ideas to help extend lessons and further student understanding.  Primary Source Analysis Worksheets are available on the Elementary Primary Source Sets main page.


A photograph of the Keota school in 1918.

Keota School in Keota, Colorado  c.1918 (Photo)

Photo of Keota School in 1918 with children playing out front. The school closed in 1951.

Estelle Olsen High School Record

Estelle Olsen's High School Record. Courtesy of History Colorado. (Photo)

Estelle Olsen's high school record including attendance and grades for all four years of at Keota school. 

Ahlstrand map section showing land parcels in Northern Colorado

Section of Ahlstrand Map showing location of Keota. Courtesy of History Colorado (Image)

Map showing land parcels in Northern Colorado including the location of Keota and other railroad towns on the Burlington Pacific Railroad. 

West Butte with Car/Tractor

West Butte with Car/Tractor. Courtesy of History Colorado (Photo)

Photo of West Butte located within the Pawnee National Grassland in Weld County, of northeastern Colorado. Also shows a Ford Model T being used to pull a plow. 

Keota Faculty Yearbook Page

Keota Yearbook Page (Image)

Faculty page in the Keota yearbook, the Pawneean. Courtesy of History Colorado.

Keota Hotel, 1913

Keota Hotel, 1913.  Courtesy of History Colorado (Photo)

Woman on Front Porch of the Keota Hotel (possibly Fae), 1913

Photograph of a man and a horse near Keota, Colorado, 1913.

Man and Horse Near Keota, Colorado, c. 1913.  Courtesy of History Colorado.  (Photo)

This image shows a man and a horse Near Keota, Colorado (with a sign that says, "Keota Colo. The Arcadia of the West").

A house near Keota, Colorado

A house near Keota, Colorado. Courtesy of History Colorado. (Photograph)

Background depicts a house built of rocks. Windows, door, flat roof, chimney on roof. Right side of house has slight slope. Lady standing between window and door is Marg, wife of Daniel Vorhees, builder of the rock house on Hightower Homestead. Daughter, Fae, kneeling on the ground wearing long sleeve dress, bonnet on head holding a dog.

Photograph the the Keota school and water tower.

The Keota School and Water Tower, c. 1939. Courtesy of the Library of Congress. (Photo)

The Keota School and Water Tower.  Created in Oct.,1939.  A long distance shot of the school and a water tower. FSA/OWI Collection at the Library of Congress.

Abandoned Buildings, Keota 1939

Abandoned buildings in Keota, Colorado, c. 1939. (Photo)

Abandoned buildings due to crop failure, Keota, 1939, FSA/OWI Collection at the Library of Congress.

Windmill and Railroad Water Tower

Windmill and Railroad Water Tower, Keota, Colorado.  c. 1939 (Photo)

The town of Keota was abandoned because of continuous crop failures. 1939, FSA/OWI Collection at the Library of Congress.

Threshing soybeans. Weld County, Colorado

Threshing soybeans. Weld County, Colorado.  1939. (Photo)

This image is courtesy of the FSA/OWI Collection at the Library of Congress.