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Selection Criteria for Inclusion in the Holocaust and Genocide Education Resource Bank

1. Navigability

  • Is the website/resource easy to navigate?

2. Resource/Materials:

  • Provide historical, political, geographic, cultural, and economic contexts for the event;
  • Helps place event into proper historical context to give students a better understanding of the time and place in which the event occurred;
  • Content is grade-level appropriate;
  • Content is historically accurate;
  • Illustrations/images are appropriate and not overly graphic or violent;

  • Focuses on individual stories, translating statistics into people;
  • Content is accurate and unbiased;
  • Aligns to Colorado Holocaust & Genocide standards;
  • Information is from a credible source.

3. Teacher Materials:

  • Are comprehensive and easy to understand and use.
  • Include suggestions for ways to use the materials with a variety of learners.
  • Provide tools for a balanced approach, incorporating multiple perspectives.
  • Include different types of primary and secondary sources.

4. Meets the Requirements of at Least One of the Elements of HB20 - 1336 (PDF).

At a minimum, the resource bank must include:

  • Sample academic content standards for Holocaust and Genocide studies;
  • Sample programs of instruction for Holocaust and Genocide studies;
  • Samples of Holocaust and Genocide studies learning resources, including first-person testimony;

  • Sample materials for professional educator development in teaching Holocaust and Genocide studies; and
  • Case studies on the Holocaust and Genocides, including but not limited to The Armenian Genocide