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The Boston Massacre Resource Set

The Boston Massacre Resource Set

The resource set includes additional sources to accompany the Primary Source Set and Lesson Ideas to help extend lessons and further student understanding.  Primary Source Analysis Worksheets are available on the Elementary Primary Source Sets main page.


Excerpt from Boston Gazette

Obituaries of the men killed in the Boston Massacre from the Boston Gazette, and Country Journal, March 12, 1770  (Image)

Print shows section of newspaper column with illustration of four coffins bearing skull and crossbones and the initials of those killed: Samuel Gray, Samuel Maverick, James Caldwell, and Crispus Attucks.

Boston Gazette Header

From the Boston Gazette, March 12, 1770 (Image)

This is the logo/header for the Boston Gazette on the day they published the obituaries of the four men killed in the Boston Massacre.

Boston Gazette article

Excerpt from the Boston Gazette (Newspaper Article)

Boston Massacre as Reported in the Boston Gazette, March, 1770