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Science Resource Evaluation

Tools for Evaluating Science Resources

  • NextGen TIME - suite of tools to prepare, screen, pilot and plan through an instructional materials review process, includes leadership PD guides. Requires a free registration. 
  • EdReports - In 2019 they released their review tool and process.
  • Reviewing Publishers' Claims - tool from Achieve that notes claims publishers often make in relation to NGSS alignment and provides resources for evaluating those claims.
  • EQuIP Rubric - the most common tool used is Achieve's EQuIP rubric, though it focuses more on the level of lesson or unit. This site includes resources on how to use this tool. 
  • PEEC Tool - this tool from Achieve is intended for reviewing full-year instructional materials. 
  • BSCS Report - this report by national experts details guidelines for reviewing NGSS instructional materials
  • Iowa's Collection of Resource Review Tools - a useful listing of lesson and larger-scale material review tools from across the country