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Policies and Guidelines for Colorado Comprehensive Health and Physical Education Standards and Instruction

What are the relevant statutes that guide Physical Education?

CRS 22-7-1005

The State Board of Education is required to adopt standards for physical education.

CRS 22-7-1013

Districts are required to adopt student education standards that meet or exceed all areas that the state has standards.

CRS 22-11-503

Districts are required to publicly report on their physical education offerings.

CRS 22-32-109

School boards are required to approve a school year of at least 1080 hours of instruction

CRS 22-32-136.5

Requires local school boards to adopt physical activity policies at the elementary school level.  The physical activity policies require a specific number of minutes elementary school children must engage in per month based on whether the child attends half or full day and based on the length of the school week.  Physical activity is defined as (a) exercise programs, (b) fitness breaks, (c) recess, (d) field trips that include physical activity, (e) classroom activities that include physical activity, and (f) physical education classes.