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Sexual Health Programs C.R.S. 22-25-104

Identified Sexual Health Programs 

Colorado Comprehensive Health Education program per C.R.S. 22-25-104, states that the Colorado Department of Education shall identify programs that are evidence-based, culturally sensitive, and reflective of positive youth development guidelines for use by school districts in local comprehensive health education programs related to comprehensive human sexuality education. 



To fulfill this requirement, a list of programs was collected from various national registries. Based on information gathered through these registries, programs that meet the criteria for Evidence-based were internally identified for further review. Programs that met the evidence-based criteria were reviewed by CDE staff and end users of the curriculum to determine the extent that they were culturally sensitive, reflective of positive youth development and aligned with the Comprehensive Health Education Standards related to sexual health. For definitions of evidence-based, culturally sensitive, and positive youth development see C.R.S. 22-25-103 and to review the comprehensive health education standards. Below are the direct links identified registries:

Identified Programs

Five programs have been identified that meet the initial criteria for evidence based. Based on our review none of the programs meet all the criteria for culturally sensitive, a positive youth development approach and standards alignment. Below you will find the reviews of the five programs that have been identified. The summary documents provide an overview of the programs and alignment with the legislatively required criteria and standards. 


In an effort to assist the education community and general public, the Colorado Department of Education has identified these programs. CDE is not responsible for the accuracy, legality, or content of the programs. CDE does not endorse any particular program, resource, product, service, institution or opinion expressed in the resources, nor does CDE necessarily endorse views expressed or facts presented by the providers or institutions. CDE and its employees do not make any warranty, express or implied, nor assume any liability for the services provided by any entity, program or resource identified on this site or through links from this site. Further, CDE does not provide any funding to the, organizations, programs and resources identified herein and/or through links. CDE does not provide dedicated funding for these resources.