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Colorado Academic Standards: Music Summary of Changes (adopted 2022)

Colorado Academic Standards: All Students, All Standards

Notable Changes to Music (adopted 2022): 

The review committee made the following recommended changes that were adopted by the State Board. 

Revisions Applicable to All Grades:

  • Updated Classical music terms to reflect current trends in music teaching (incorporating more layman's terms). 
  • Updated the term for standard 4 from “Aesthetic Valuation of Music” to “Response to Music.”

Revision Applicable to Preschool through 5th Grade:

  • Changed the term “perform” to “perform/demonstrate” to create opportunities for both formal and informal presentations of music making and learning.

Revision Applicable to 6th through 8th Grade:

  • Due to the nature of the music standards, the standards were organized by performance levels instead of specific grade levels.
    • Change of 6th grade to Novice
    • Change of 7th grade to Intermediate
    • Change of 8th grade to Proficient

Revision Applicable to High School: 

  •  Removed the advanced skill acquisition level across all four standards (use only the Accomplished skill acquisition level for high school).