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Colorado Academic Standards: Dance Summary of Changes (adopted 2022)

Colorado Academic Standards: All Students, All Standards

Notable Changes to Dance: 

The review committee made the following recommended changes that were adopted by the State Board. 

Revision Applicable to All Grades:

  • The subsection Nature of Dance was absorbed into Colorado Essential Skills and Inquiry Questions. 

Revision Applicable to Preschool through 5th Grade: 

  • Revised language in the 5th grade to improve alignment with middle school.

Revision Applicable to 6th through 8th Grade: 

  • Revised language to define and refine creative concepts to bring focus and clarity to the process of dance making.

Revision Applicable to High School:

  • Adjusted the reflection and response standard, to expand disciplinary literacy and expressive connections students need to be an empowered individual and ready for the workforce.