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Deaf/Hard of Hearing (DHH) Job Postings in Colorado

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Please note that this may not include all of the jobs open in Colorado.  Visit individual district websites for a complete list of job opportunities.  All applications should be submitted directly to the district in which you are applying.


Teacher of the Deaf / Hard of Hearing (DHH)

Itinerant Teacher of the Deaf

Setting: Itinerant DHH teacher covering schools in three districts (Roaring Fork, Garfield RE-2, Garfield 16)
Description: Itinerant DHH teacher serving children 0-21 years
School District: See Setting for the list of districts involved
Email Colorado River BOCES Contact, Denise Rahe
Apply at Colorado River BOCES Website


Teacher of the Deaf

Setting:  1.0 Position teaching at the elementary level
School District: Adams 12 Five Star Schools
Questions?  Email Adams 12 Five Star School Contact, Ally Barwick, Special Education Coordinator or Call her at 720-972-4270
Apply at Adams 12 Five Star Schools Website, Job #54966

Educational Audiologist

No Audiologist Positions at this time

Educational Interpreters

Educational Interpreter

School District: Denver Public Schools
Job Description:  To transliterate and interpret, through use of Sign Language for the deaf/hard of hearing student. Facilitates communication between users and non-users of Sign Language.
Questions?  Email district contact Sarah Thomason, Lead Educational Interpreter
Apply at Denver Public Schools Website


Educational Interpreter

School District: Cherry Creek Interpreter
Questions?  Email district contact Brooke Cunningham, Special Education Coordinator
Apply at Cherry Creek School District Website


Educational Interpreter and Tutor

District: Poudre School District
Questions? Email District Contact Kate Buffington
Apply at Poudre School District Website


Educational Interpreter

District: Douglas County
Job Description: Certified (2018-2019 School Year Only) As a related service provider, facilitates communication between users and non-users of sign language in the educational environment. This environment includes the classroom, field trips, assemblies, and any other sites that are used by the school system for educational purposes. Develops and promotes good community relations among various community and school clientele. Minimum Experience: A minimum of one (1) to three (3) years of sign language As a related service provider interpreting/transliterating preferred.
Questions?  Email District Contact Tina Meyers
Apply at Douglas County School District Website


Educational Interpreter

District: Cherry Creek
Questions?  Email District Contact Brooke Cunningham
Apply at Cherry Creek School District Website


Educational Interpreter

District: Colorado Springs District 11
Job Description: Provides sign language interpreting / tutoring in classrooms, meeting and other related activities; participates as a member of the educational team in support of students who are deaf/hard-of-hearing, particularly in matters related to communication.  From $23.92 to $28.59/hr. 185 days per year at 6.5 hours a day
Questions?  Email District Contact Carrie Woodruff
Apply at Colorado Springs School District 11 Website


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