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Goals and Objectives


Overarching Goal

To partner with Colorado’s families in reducing dropout rates, gaps in academic achievement and growth among student groups, and in increasing the number of students who continue into higher education following high school graduation or completion.


Objective #1

The Council will inform the following about best practices and strategies for parent involvement in public education and for promoting family-school partnerships: early childhood councils, public schools, school districts, Charter School Institute, Department of Education, State Board of Education, Department of Higher Education, Colorado Commission on Higher Education, and the governing boards for the state institutions of higher education. These best practices and strategies must be aligned with the National Standards for Family-School Partnerships (PTA, 2008).

SACPIE Photo - Dad and son

Objective #2 

The Council will recommend to the State Board of Education and Colorado Commission on Higher Education plans for statewide family partnerships initiatives, which may include, but may not be limited to requiring school districts and the Charter School Institute, as part of the accreditation process, to increase the level of family partnership in education; and to increase admissions to the institutions of higher education and the degree-completion rate and reduce the need for remediation.

Objective #3 

The Council will seek gifts, grants, and donations from public or private sources for the creation of the Family Partnership in Education Grant Program. When the grant program is created, the Council will assist the Colorado Department of Education in implementing the program, review the grant applications, recommend which schools should be recipients of grant funding, and provide advice to recipient schools in implementing their programs.


Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed on this webpage are those of the State Advisory Council for Parent Involvement in Education and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Colorado Department of Education or the Colorado State Board of Education.