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Summer Electronic Benefit Transfer Program

Summer Electronic Benefit Transfer Program

Summer Electronic Benefit Transfer (S-EBT) Program 

Summer EBT helps families buy food during the summer months when school is not in session. Eligible families with receive $40/month per child ($120 total) to purchase groceries with funds placed on an EBT card. 

Families are eligible if their school aged children participate in SNAP, TANF or Medicaid or attend a school that offers the National School Lunch or School Breakfast program and qualify based on income. For more information on student eligibility and common questions, visit the Colorado Department of Human Services webpage.

Program Resources 

Policy & Guidance

Local Administrative Funding

Local Administrative funding provides assistance with covering allowable costs incurred for S-EBT implementation. 

  • Districts will automatically receive tiered funding based on the number of pupil count in the district. Small rural districts will receive an additional $100 and rural districts will receive an additional $50. There will be one allotment payout in May 2024. 
  • View the tiers and grant codes document to see grant codes and which tier your district is eligible for.
  • S-EBT activity is not an allowable cost to the nonprofit food service account. The local admin funds must be booked outside the foodservice account. Use Fund 10 general fund or Fund 22 government designated-purpose grants fund.
  • This allocation is comprised of federal and state funds due to a required matching component. Districts are allocated one funding source for convenience (with the exception of one district).
    • Districts should record these funds to:
      • Grant Code 3292 Summer EBT- State- Distributions: Source Code 3000
      • Grant Code 4646 Summer EBT- Federal- Distributions: Source Code 4000
  • Allowable costs include the following activities:
    • Reporting S-EBT data to CDE
    • Responding to parent/guardian requests and questions about eligibility and school schedules
    • Collecting and processing school meal applications specifically to establish eligibility only for S-EBT
      • school meal eligibility application processing for non-S-EBT purposes can be covered by the nonprofit food service account
    • Salaries, including benefits, of personnel, support services and supplies
    • Overtime hours spent working on S-EBT
  • Unallowable costs are those not necessary or reasonable for the administration of S-EBT or expenses already reimbursed under another federal award. The value of volunteer services is not an allowable expense.

Data Collection

Outreach Materials

Use these resources to get the word about about the Summer EBT program. Additional resources will be available spring 2024. 

Printable Flyer

Use this flyer to communicate with families about the Summer EBT program.


Information for Families

To receive benefits, make sure your school has a benefits form or household income application on file along with your current address and parent/guardian information. EBT cards will be mailed by the Colorado Department of Human Services.