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School Nutrition Data


The program data page provides meal count information and sponsor contact information for sponsors participating in child nutrition programs. This data can be used by school districts, sponsors, and other partner organizations to help make informed decisions as they identify opportunities to expand and enhance programs. 

Meal Counting and Claiming Data 

Meal count files include data for the National School Lunch Program, School Breakfast Program, Afterschool Snack Program, Special Milk Program, and Summer Food Service Program. Meal count files are subject to change due to claim adjustments. 



October is typically the month used to determine ADP by first dividing the number of reimbursable meals served by the number of days meals were served. Second, divide that number by school enrollment. Third, multiply the decimal by 100 for the percentage. 

Example: 20,000 lunches were served over 20 days with 1200 enrolled students. 

  1. 20,000 meals/20 days = 1000 meals 
  2. 1000 meals/1200 enrolled students = 0.83
  3. 0.83 x 100 = 83% 

School Food Authorities (SFAs) and Sponsor Information 

  • National School Lunch Program and Summer Food Service Program Sponsor Profile (XLS) - this file is currently being updated and will be re-posted in early 2020. 
    • This file includes contact and program information for school districts and sponsors operating NSLP and SFSP. Information is current as of November 2019. 
  • SFAs contracting with a Food Service Management Company Contracts (PDF)