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CDE Data Requests

Follow These Steps

  1. Download the CDE Aggregate Data Request Form
  2. Submit Completed Form to:

Kathryn Wright

via email (MS Word only) to:


CDE will blank out data with student counts of less than 16 students on all data requests. This is to ensure that student privacy is maintained. When making your request please keep this in mind.

In addition, this data request process is NOT an open records request. Open record requests begin with CDE's Communications Division.

CDE is often asked to provide data about individual students or school district employees. There has been longstanding Colorado legislation since 1963 protecting the privacy of these individuals. Colorado Revised Statute 22-2-111(3) states that:

. . . all papers filed in the department of education which contain personal information . . . are classified as confidential in nature. . . It is unlawful for any officer, employee or other person to divulge, or to make known in any way, any such personal information without the written consent of said applicant, employee, teacher or pupil…

However, if you need individual student or staff information, CDE has a PII Request process you may go through.

For additional information, please contact Kathryn Wright, 303-866-3903.