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Personnel Overview

Personnel Definition

Exceptional Children's Educational Act (ECEA) Rules defines "Personnel" as:

Those who provide instruction, counseling, coordination and other programming for gifted students. Personnel shall be knowledgeable in the characteristics, differentiated instructional methods and competencies in the special education of gifted students. Qualified personnel with endorsement or an advanced degree in gifted education are preferred in specific programs and classrooms consisting of mainly gifted students. Every AU shall employ or contract with a person who is responsible for management of the program plan and professional development activities.  12.02(2)0)

"Qualified Personnel" or "Qualified Person" means a licensed, content endorsed educator who also has an endorsement or higher degree in gifted education; or who is working toward an endorsement or higher degree in gifted education.  12.01(26)

Personnel Description

In Colorado, "qualified personnel" in gifted education means a licensed educator who has a teaching certificate along with one of the three gifted education endorsements.  The three types of endorsements include:

  1. Core Gifted Endorsement
  2. Gifted Specialist
  3. Gifted Director

Every administrative unit (AU) shall have an educator who is responsible for the management of the AU's program plan and gifted education professional development.  Although it is preferred that this person be qualified in gifted education, it is not an ECEA mandate.  An AU has the autonomy to determine the licensing and endorsement levels of those educators supporting gifted students.  Paraprofessionals may serve in supportive roles, but may not be the sole instructional provider for gifted programming. 

House Bill 14-1102 permits AUs to apply for grant funds to offset costs incurred by employing a qualified person to administer the gifted program plan.  AUs may submit an application for the Qualified Personnel Grant to offset up to a .5 FTE. 

Key Indicators for Implementation

  • Describe personnel responsible to provide instruction, counseling and coordination of programming for gifted students
  • A designated person within the AU is responsible for:
    • Management of program plan
    • Gifted education professional development
  • A good faith effort by the AU is made to have at least a half-time qualified person monitoring and administering the gifted program and employing sufficient personnel for supporting gifted programming
  • Collaboration with universities and college support with development of qualified personnel
  • Personnel instructing gifted students in the core academic areas meet federal requirements for highly qualified teachers
  • Paraprofessionals are not funded with gifted grant funds and are not sole instructional providers
  • Professional development supports the improvement and acquisition of knowledge related to the needs of gifted students

Resources for Personnel

Note: If you are not able to access the resources or need additional support, please contact the Office of Gifted Education Gifted Program Administrator.