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Gifted Education Universal Screening and Qualified Personnel Grant (USQP)

USQP 2024-2025 Guidance Document 

USQP – 3228 Funds

House Bill 14-1102 permits Administrative Units (AUs) in Colorado to apply for funds to offset costs incurred by employing a qualified person to administer the gifted program and/or off-set the costs of universal screening.

Administrative Units may submit an application to off-set the costs of conducting universal screening in a K-2 grade, and/or in conjunction with ICAP planning at the middle school level. The tool used may be a standardized normed cognitive assessment or an evidence-based classroom behavior observation. At the middle school for students who already have a gifted determination, a norm-referenced achievement or creativity test may be administered to gifted students while other students are administered a cognitive assessment. Universal screening means all students within a grade level are assessed.

Administrative Units may submit a grant application to offset costs of employing a .5 FTE, qualified in gifted education, for the purpose of administering the gifted program, implementing the program plan and providing professional learning to increase capacity of educators to identify and program for gifted students and family partnerships. Grant funds may offset costs for a current employee or a new hire who serves as the Gifted Education Director of Record for the Administrative Unit. A person who is qualified has a current gifted endorsement or higher degree in gifted education or can provide evidence of work towards the endorsement or a higher degree.

Are there step-by-step directions for this process?

Yes. The CDE Grants Program Team hosts live office hours (access their webpage for more details). Please note the office hours are specific to the GAINS system and not specifically the USQP grant. Additionally, they have shared the slides and a recording of the USQP training offered to all Gifted Directors of Record and Gifted Education Regional Consultants.

Where is the USQP submitted?

CDE has transitioned to using the Grants Administration Implementation & Navigation System (GAINS) for all grant applications. The process for submitting is different than previous years, but the information submitted is the same.

Who should have access to the GAINS system?

The Local Education Agency (LEA aka Administrative Unit or AU) will need to designate 3 roles for the USQP grant.

  • LEA USQP Grant Application Director is authorized to create and complete the USQP. In the past, this has often been the Gifted Director of Record, but some districts also use a grant writer.
  • LEA Fiscal Representative is authorized to approve grants, complete and submit requests for funds, and will receive fiscal related communication regarding the application. Usually the Fiscal Manager (this was the same name used on previous USQP applications), but other personnel can also have this budgeting role.
  • LEA Authorized Representative is the individual authorized to provide the final LEA approval.  This can be a superintendent and/or anyone else your organization has given authority to approve grant applications.

How are these roles set up?

All AU Directors of Record should have received an email from our Grants Program Administration team with a link. The link will ask for the AU Director of Record, Fiscal Contact, and the Authorized Representative. This is the same information that was collected in the past for USQP applications. Completing the survey allows our Grants Program team to get all necessary parties set up withing GAINS. If you are in BOCES, please list the AU executive director. Multi-district AUs should list a superintendent.

Will the GAINS roles need to be submitted every year?

No. However, please let the Grants Program Team know if there are changes when roles and jobs change.

Do I have to submit the USQP on April 15th?

The application window will open in GAINS on April 1, 2024 and the first window will close on April 15, 2024 at 11:59 pm. The grant application (aka “draft”) can be submitted at anytime during that window. There is no difference in award when submitted any day during this first window. There is a second window from April 16 through April 17, 2024 at 11:59 pm. As in the past, applications that have not been submitted by the close of April 15th are unlikely to be funded.

Will we need all signatures/approvals by April 15th?

Signatures/approvals do not need to be uploaded/done by the April 15th deadline. All required signatures/approvals will be handled within GAINS after the draft submission. BOCES and Multi-District AUs will have one person authorize in the system (determined by the role set up as Authorized Representative) and will then require the additional approvals/signatures from member districts to be uploaded as a form in GAINS by May 1, 2024.


Once the draft is submitted how will the Fiscal Agent and Authorized Representative know to approve the grant?

Many have already started to use the GAINS system for other grants. An email will be sent to them based on the information provided to CDE’s Grants Program Team. However, the Grant Application Director may contact them also to make sure they know the USQP is ready for their approval. A PDF can be downloaded and shared. They will need to approve by May 1st. In the GAINS system, you will be able to see when others have completed their actions.

Are we guaranteed funds when we submit a USQP grant application?

All applications received by April 15 2024 at 11:59 pm will receive a pro rata share based on funds available and total requests.


For additional assistance with the USQP Grant Application, contact your Gifted Education Regional Consultant (GERC).