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Gifted Education Budget

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Exceptional Children's Educational Act (ECEA) defines "Budget" as:

"...the annual plan for gifted education which reflects the collaborative efforts of the AU and cost of implementing the program elements and the student goals stated in the annual comprehensive program plan.” [12.02(2)(k)


Administrative units (AUs) oversee and provide educational services to gifted students and professional development opportunities for educators. 

These services may be supported through four different funding sources. 

Gifted Education Funding Sources

Expended Budget Report

According to Colorado Statute 12.02(2)(k), AUs shall submit an annual Expended Budget Report. Click here for the 2023 Expended Budget Form

Based on the funding source, there are specific guidelines for how funds may or may not be expended.  An appraisal of AU budget reports is a component of the CDE monitoring process.

The Expended Budget Report details the AU's exact expenditures to support the gifted program plan from the previous school year to include the AU Gifted Grant, Universal Screening Qualified Personnel Grant, and AU contributions.  

The Expended Budget Report is due to CDE by September 29, 2023. 

Office Hours for assistance with budget report:

ECEA Rules for Budget

Budget 12.02(2)(k)

12.02(2)(k)(i) The AU shall include in the annual plan a budget for gifted education which reflects the collaborative efforts of the AU and cost of implementing the program elements and the student goals stated in the annual comprehensive program plan. The budget shall detail the funding committed by the AU and funding requested from the Department. Funding committed by the AU shall be an amount determined by the AU to contribute towards the AU’s gifted student education program described in the AU’s program plan. Funds requested from the Department may be used for:

12.02(2)(k)(i)(A) Salaries for appropriately licensed and endorsed personnel primarily serving gifted students (e.g., gifted education directors, coordinators, resource teachers, counselors and teachers of gifted classrooms);

12.02(2)(k)(i)(B) Professional development and training relating to gifted education;

12.02(2)(k)(i)(C) Programming options and school counseling or affective guidance specific to gifted students and their ALPs ;

12.02(2)(k)(i)(D) Materials used in instructional programming for gifted education; and

12.02(2)(k)(i)(E) Administrative costs (classified or grant fiscal staff), technology, and equipment necessary for the education of gifted students up to ten percent for any one of these limited expenditures, and, not to collectively exceed twenty percent of the total amount requested from the Department.

12.02(2)(k)(ii) Administrative units may contract with other AUs to establish and maintain gifted student programs (e.g., art, music, online coursework, and counseling) for the education of gifted children, sharing costs of student programing in accordance with terms of a contract. This action is optional based upon available AU resources, and subject to AU discretion. An AU with less than six children who need a particular program may purchase services from one or more AUs that provide the appropriate gifted education program for individual or groups of gifted students. Gifted education personnel in these AUs shall collaborate on the content and monitoring of such contracts.

Resources for Budget

Grant Distributions

Please visit the State and Federal Grant Allocations website to view current year distributions for Universal Screening and Qualified Personnel (3228) and ECEA Gifted & Talented AU Funds (3150).

Budget Guidance Document

Note: If you are not able to access the resources or need additional support, please contact the Office of Gifted Education Program Administrator.