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Gifted Enrollment Pupil Count

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Exceptional Children's Educational Act (ECEA) defines an enrollment "report" as:

12.03(2) The number of formally identified gifted students served through gifted student programming reported by:  each grade level, preschool (if applicable) through grade 12; gender and ethnicity; free and reduced lunch; area(s) of giftedness; twice exceptionality; and gifted preschoolers served through early entrance per local policies and procedures, if applicable.


Annually, the Office of Gifted Education provides a comprehensive gifted enrollment data report to the AU.  The report includes an indicator of whether significant disparities exist in the gifted population. These reports guide the AU in analyzing their gifted enrollment to determine subgroups that may be underrepresented and how their data compare to state percentages.  This in turn may lead the AU to developing specific targets for identification within the Comprehensive Program Plan to ensure equal and equitable gifted enrollment. This resource helps guide the completion of the annual Gifted Assurances Report.

Districts report gifted enrollment data during the Student October Count.  These data are reported via the Data Pipeline.

Reporting Students

Areas of Identification

Students are identified as gifted in one or more of the following categories based on a body of evidence, following state rules and guidelines. There are fourteen fields for reporting.  A "0" indicates "No" and a "1" indicates "Yes" the student is identified in that particular domain.  A student may be coded in more than one area of giftedness on the October Enrollment Count. 

  • General or specific intellectual ability     
  • Reading                                               
  • Writing                                
  • Mathematics                                    
  • Science                                
  • Social Studies                    
  • World Language              
  • Creative or productive thinking                
  • Leadership abilities                                                        
  • Visual Arts
  • Performing arts (Drama/Theater)            
  • Musical                
  • Dance
  • Psychomotor abilities

Early Access for Highly Advanced Gifted Students

"Advanced Highly Gifted Student" is a student enrollment category that requires additional documentation. 

Pursuant to CSL 22-20-204(2) administrative units may permit early access to kindergarten to a highly gifted advanced four year old and early access to first grade to a highly gifted advanced five year old.

  • The administrative unit at the school district, board of cooperative services or the state Charter School Institute must file a written early access addendum to the AU’s Comprehensive Program Plan.
  • The initial AU Early Access plan must be filed for approval with the Gifted Education Unit at the Department of Education by January 31 prior to the fiscal year of implementation.
  • The early access student for grades K and 1st must have an ALP on file by September 30 of each year to be verified and counted in the October enrollment.

For a four year old to be counted as a kindergartener or a five year old to be counted as a first grader the ALP must show the notation ”grade acceleration” on the first or cover page of the ALP.

A student shall be age 4 by October 1 for kindergarten; and, age 5 by October 1 for first grade. 12.08(2)(e)(i)(D)

Guidelines to Enrolling or Counting Early Access Students

Resources for Enrollment

Note: If you are not able to access the resources or need additional support, please contact the Office of Gifted Education Program Administrator.