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Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) Local Reports

Overview of the ESSA Local Reports

Under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), Local Educational Agencies (LEA) are required to prepare and disseminate an annual report for the LEA and each school in the LEA that meets the minimum requirements described in federal law. CDE has developed an interactive dashboard that districts can link to in order to meet this requirement. The following data files include the data elements required under ESSA for the 2020-21 Reports. 

Financial data for FY 2019-20 are available on the Financial Transparency for Colorado Schools website, including school-level and district-level.

For a list of schools identified for support and improvement under ESSA, as well as a description of the indicators and system used for meaningful differentiation among schools, please visit the ESSA Methods and Criteria for Identification of Schools for Support and Improvement website.

LEA Reports 

In addition to the data provided on this page, districts may also develop their own local reports. Links to individual district's reports are provided below. LEAs wishing to create their own local reports may provide the link to those local reports to  Tina Negley (