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Consolidated Application Post-Award Revisions (PAR)


Guidance for the Post-Award Revision process is available: PowerPoint. 

Purpose of the Post-Award Revision Process

  • An opportunity for LEAs and BOCES to adjust/revise the activities and budget that were approved in the initial consolidated application review process.
  • An opportunity to include additional activities that require pre-approval based on local context and funding availability.

When to Submit Post-Award Revisions

  • LEAs should submit Post-Award Revisions for the following reasons:
    • Any changes to equipment purchases require program approval.
    • To update indirect costs if the LEA:
      • Overrode the indirect amount allocated, or
      • Will now take the full indirect cost rate.
    • To reflect changes in the project/program scope or objective, such as:
      • PD activities to purchasing Instructional materials.
      • PD activities to hiring an Interventionist.
    • Changes among direct cost programs (Instructional, Support, Improvement of Instructional Services, or Administrative) or object categories (Salaries, Benefits, etc.) that exceed, or are expected to exceed, 10% of the total budget for that category as last approved.

Exceptions to Post-Award Revisions

  • Minor changes may not need to be captured through the PAR process.
  • Minor adjustments do not alter the overall scope or goals of the approved application.
    • Reading intervention training for new teachers changed from 2 to 3 days.
    • Increased number of days for teachers to observe master teachers’ classrooms.
    • Changes to reflect actual costs and updates to line items to reflect final allocations.


NOTE: If these types of revisions change the scope of the activity, then a Post-Award Revision must be submitted through the online platform.

For Additional Information Contact Your ESEA Regional Contact