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Diagnostic Review and Planning for AECs and Online Schools

Detailed information on Diagnostic Review and Planning for AECs and Online Schools


The Diagnostic Review and Planning for Alternative Education Campuses (AECs) and online schools is ideal for schools that are working to prioritize improvement efforts. The support is meant to provide feedback to support the school’s improvement efforts, to help the school prioritize efforts, and to provide opportunities to understand strategy implementation in their context. The service is designed based on the unique needs and focus of AECs and online schools and has multiple options to connect review and analysis to planning and implementation.

  1. Self- Assessment: Using a CDE tool (described below) designed specifically for AECs and online schools, school leadership teams conduct a self-assessment to guide their work.
  2. On-Site Diagnostic Review: A team of 2-3 CDE staff and in most cases a current school leader will partner with school and district leadership to conduct a diagnostic review examining the design, ongoing operations, and practices of the school through review of materials, interviews of staff, students, families, and observations.
  3. Formal Report, Prioritization, and Implementation planning: CDE will provide a formal report, support prioritization, and assist with development of an implementation and improvement plan including short cycle plans and the UIP.
  4. Connection to other Alternative Education Campuses or online schools, which may include:
    • Webinars and phone calls to share practices
    • Structured site visits to observe and explore strategies

Framework for Effective Practices

CDE staff have developed a framework for effective practices of AEC and online schools. This framework and its components use the Four Domains Framework that CDE is using for their Quality Schools School Improvement initiatives. These components were adapted based on research from the National Alternative Education Associations (NAEA) 15 Exemplary Practices, national research on effective high school practices, rubrics from iNACOL on blended learning, and observation of Colorado schools and structures for alternative education and online learning.

Program Contact Information

Johann Liljengren
Director of Dropout Prevention & Student Re-engagement, Student Pathways
(303) 986-0201 |

Renee Martinez
Principal Consultant, Online and Blended Learning
(303) 866-6864 |