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Educator Talent - Districts & BOCES

Educator Talent: Effective Educators for Every Student and Effective Leaders for Every School.  Circular icon with Attract represented as a Megaphone, Prepare represented with a Stack of Books, Support represented with Gears Turning and Retain represented with a Shooting Star.

Educator Talent - Districts & BOCES

  • Superintendents, assistant superintendents
  • Human resources directors, licensure coordinators
  • District/BOCES leaders and administrators 
  • Charter leaders and administrators

Educator Talent - District & BOCES Icon


For Public School District Human Resources personnel

Log into your eLicensing Verification Access account.

If you do not have an account, please visit our school district webpage for instructions on how to apply. Any old lookups that you may have used in the past have been permanently closed.


Induction Programs

Induction programs help set the stage for continuous growth and support of educators at the beginning of their careers or as they transition to new organizations or new roles within an organization.

Retention and Recruitment