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Colorado Student Re-engagement Grant Program

The grant program is authorized by C.R.S. 22-14-109 to assist local education providers in providing educational services and supports to students to maintain student engagement and support student re-engagement at the secondary level. State appropriation for this new grant program began in January 2016.

Please visit for the SRG Fact Sheet

Current Request for Applications (RFA):

The RFA for Cohort 3 is now open. Please see the RFA page for information. Electronic Submission Must be Submitted by Wednesday, February 16, 2022 no later than 11:59PM.


2015-2018 Grants

2015-2018 Grantees Program Descriptions

Map of Grantees by District

SBE Student Re-engagement Grant Program April 2016 PPT

Student Re-engagement Grant Awards and Roster