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Reading Course Details:

  • Registration for the online asynchronous training “Building a Strong Foundation: Developing Early Literacy Skills” by the Public Consulting Group, Inc. is open.
  • After registering, participants will receive access to the course in the Pepper Learning Experience Platform.
  • Access to the course will be available to all registered participants until they fully complete the course and pass the end of course assessment. 
  • Completion of all course modules and a score of 80% or higher on the end of course assessment are required to meet the evidence-based training in teaching requirement.
    • If you do not obtain an 80% or higher after three attempts on the end of course assessment, click here to contact the CDE. 

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New Information for Instructional Leaders!

CDE has created a Facilitator Guide designed to support school leaders in implementing the learning from the online teacher training into practice in their school context. The facilitator guide offers flexible options for reviewing key course concepts, analyzing school curriculum and student data, and implementing evidence-based literacy instructional practices in all K-3 classrooms.

View the Facilitator Guide


13.01(C)(2)(a): Successfully completed a CDE-provided reading training designed to meet this training requirement and passed the end of course assessment of learning


Educators will submit evidence of meeting the evidence-based training in teaching reading requirement to the CDE through the Colorado Online Licensing (COOL) system.

Important Dates for Teachers

August 1, 2023: evidence-based training in teaching reading must be completed

August 15, 2023: documentation must be submitted to the Colorado Online Licensing (COOL) system



District Duties/Tasks

  • District informs teachers of the option to register for the CDE-provided online teacher training and provides information on how to register.

  • District maintains a record of which teachers have met this requirement. 

  • District reports this information to the CDE upon request.

Teacher Duties/Tasks

Please note: teachers must retain all documentation.

  • Teacher registers for the CDE-provided online training.

  • Teacher completes the CDE-provided online reading training and takes the end of course assessment earning a passing score.

  • Teacher receives a certificate of completion which notes that he/she has successfully passed the end of course assessment.

  • Teacher submits his/her certificate of completion through the Colorado Online Licensing (COOL) system by linking his/her Pepper and COOL accounts following the steps below. 

    •  ​Log in to his/her COOL account.

    • Select “My Profile”.

    • Select “Designations” in the Credential section of their profile.

    • Select the “Link My Pepper Account” link and follow the instructions.

      • The link will take him/her to Pepper

      • Log in using his/her Pepper account credentials

    • Upon successful completion of this process, a confirmation statement will appear in the green bar beneath the “Link to Pepper” instructions.

  • Teacher receives and saves a copy of documentation from the CDE that demonstrates the “READ Act designation” attached to their CDE file.  

  • Teacher provides the district with documentation of successful completion of course requirements.

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