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Early Literacy Grant Approved Implementation Consultants

ELG Implementation Consultant Advisory List

Consultants applied to be considered for inclusion on the ELG Implementation Consultant Advisory List. Applications were due April 29, 2024 and CDE concluded reviews in May 2024.

Approved consultants were deemed proficient in the following areas:

  • History of School and/or District Improvement
  • Scientifically Based Reading Research and Instruction
  • System Alignment
  • Professional Development and Supports

Please reach out to consultants directly for resumes.

Contact to request application rubrics.

Click on the company names below for more information. 

CoachUp! Consulting

Brenda Wright-Nardo, 719-510-8387

Dedicated to instructional support, professional development, and leadership-building through collaborative partnerships that positively influence instruction and achievement outcomes for all.


Growing Educational Practices 

Amy Vanravenswaay, 605-999-6108

Growing Educational Practices provides professional development for schools along with site-visits to ensure practices and sustained improvements are embedded in the science of reading.


Kristy Khoury Consulting

Kristy Khoury, 310-663-3080

Kristy Khoury Consulting, based in Littleton, CO since 1998 provides customized needs based support to enhance achievement at your site, and meet CDE goals, without compromising school climate. 


Literacy Transformations, LLC

Melody Ilk, 303-619-6316

Melody Ilk is a national literacy consultant and author with two decades of successful experience in implementing scientifically-based structured literacy systems around the country.  


Danielle Lucas-Adam 

Danielle Lucas-Adam, 262-443-3342

Danielle is committed to supporting schools in increasing reading proficiency through authentic collaboration, coaching and development in the science of reading and evidence-based instruction.


Lumbrera Literacy Consulting

Sara Reeser, 720-300-8336

Lumbrera Literacy is a structured literacy firm owned by Sara Reeser specializing in translating research to practice and designing systems to ensure success for all, including bilingual education.


Brittany Philipsen

Brittany Philipsen, 210-417-7147

With nearly two decades in education, Brittany strives to bridge the gap between reading research and instruction for educators across the country, promoting equity and enhancing literacy outcomes.


Side-by-Side Consulting 

Carrie Cole, 208-680-5586

We work side-by-side with teachers and administrators to implement evidence-based literacy practices aligned to the science of reading, ensuring equity and increased literacy outcomes for all.


SLK Educational Consulting 

Sherry Kyle, 719-491-6972

Ms. Kyle is an experienced educator and leader. She served across the K-12 continuum as a teacher and administrator. She is also an National Consultant on school leadership and literacy improvement.


Sterling Literacy Consulting 

Christine Hall, 720-431-8776

Sterling Literacy Consulting specializes in providing customized research-based professional learning experiences that engage teachers as learners in a wide array of instructional best practices. 



Debbie Hunsaker, 406-439-4117

STRIVE INC., owned by Debbie Hunsaker, supports schools in implementing evidence-based literacy practices and has been an Approved Provider for every cohort of the CO Early Literacy Grant (ELG).


Youngren Consulting

Jill Youngren, 970-901-9399

Versatile educator, blending classroom, principalship, and district roles. Specialized in PK-12 collaboration to boost student achievement. Dedicated to empowering educators for student success.


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