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School Auditing Office Overview

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About Us

This office performs compliance audits as required by the Public School Finance and Public School Transportation rules and law. The office provides technical guidance and support throughout the pupil count and transportation data submissions to assist districts prior to finalizing submissions. The School Auditing Office is part of the School Finance Unit within the School Finance and Operations Division.

Annual Audit Review Resources

Beginning with the 2024 Student October Count data collection, the School Auditing Office is changing its approach to the required compliance audits.  Refer to the following documents for more information:



For information regarding the compliance audit process for Student October Counts through the 2023-24 school year, refer to the Audit Process through 2023-24 document.

Pupil Enrollment Count Date and Mileage Count Date

Click here for the School Auditing Office calendar of important dates and deadlines (link) UPDATED 07/15/24

2024/2025 Pupil Enrollment & Mileage Count Dates

Count Date Date                                    
Official Date Tuesday, October 1

2025/2026 Pupil Enrollment & Mileage Count Dates

Count Date Date
Official Date Wednesday, October 1

2026/2027 Pupil Enrollment & Mileage Count Dates

Count Date Date                              
Official Date Thursday, October 1               

*The 11-day count period is determined by the district's adopted calendar for the noted school year. It includes the 5 school days immediately preceding the count date, the count date, and the 5 school days immediately following the count date.