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This office performs compliance audits as required by the Public School Finance and Public School Transportation rules and law. The office provides technical guidance and support throughout the pupil count and transportation data submissions to assist districts prior to finalizing submissions. The School Auditing Office is part of the School Finance Unit within the School Finance and Operations Division.

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Some forms recommended by the School Auditing Office may contain personally identifiable information of students. Because email cannot be guaranteed to be secure or error-free as information could be intercepted, corrupted, lost, destroyed, arrive late or incomplete, or contain viruses; forms with PII should not be emailed. Contact the intended recipient to mutually determine enhanced security options for transferring such information.

Pupil Enrollment Count Date and Mileage Count Dates


Pupil Enrollment & Mileage Count Dates   11-Day Count Period
Official Date Wednesday, October 3 Wed, Sept 26 - Wed, Oct 10
For Preschool Program Using the Nov. 1 Pupil Enrollment Count Date Thursday, November 1 Thurs, Oct 25 - Thurs, Nov 9


Pupil Enrollment & Mileage Count Dates 11-Day Count Period
Official Date Wednesday, October 2                Wed, Sept 25- Wed, Oct 9    
For Preschool Program Using the Nov. 1 Pupil Enrollment Count Date   Friday, November 1 Fri, Oct 25 - Fri, Nov 8


 Pupil Enrollment & Mileage Count Dates 11- Day Count Period          
Official Date Thursday, October 1 Thur, Sept. 24 - Thur, Oct. 8

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