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Expelled and At-Risk Student Services (EARSS)

Program Purpose

The EARSS program is authorized by Colorado Revised Statute 22-33-205 to fund grants for which the purposes are to provide education services and support services to expelled students, students at risk of being expelled, enrolled truant students and/or students at risk of being declared, or already are, habitually truant, and chronically absent students.

The EARSS program is considered to be an early intervention program. It's intended to assist school districts in meeting statutory obligations to identify students at-risk of disciplinary action (i.e. violating the Code of Conduct) and habitual truancy and/or chronically absent as early as possible so support plans can be made, in conjunction with the student's family, to assist the student with avoiding future disciplinary action.

  • For a quick overview of the size and scope of the program, refer to the EARSS Fact Page


Current Request for Applications (RFA):

The next opportunity to submit a competitive application for EARSS funding will be open soon.


Amy Werpy
Phone: 720-470-7558