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Expelled and At-Risk Student Services (EARSS) Request for Applications

The Colorado Department of Education is currently accepting new grant applications for the Expelled and At-Risk Student Services Program.  For instructions to apply, program purposes, allowable uses of funds, etc., refer to the RFA and related items posted below.  Funding will be available for one six-month planning period (FY23-24) followed by up to four years implementation (FY24-25 through FY27-28).  Funding is based on annual appropriates for the continuation years.  Awarded grantees will be required to submit year reports and continuation budgets.

The purpose of this grant is to provide educational services to expelled students, students who are identified as at risk of dropping out of school due to chronic absenteeism or disciplinary action as identified pursuant to section, and to truant students.

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Application to Review EARSS Grant Proposals:

Peer reviewers are being sought for reviewing and scoring proposals. Reviews will be conducted virtually in September.

If interested, please complete the Reviewer Interest Survey. More information will be sent to you as soon as it’s available. A Reader Interest Flyer will be posted here soon with details regarding desired reader qualifications, the anticipated time commitment, and the final review timeline.”

PLEASE NOTE: Several changes have been made in the RFA from previous application years. Please thoroughly read the Overview section and scoring criteria in order to submit a proposal to this current funding opportunity's criteria.

Application forms to complete and submit:


Request for Applications - Electronic Submission Must be Submitted by Monday, August 21, 2023 no later than 11:59PM.

The submission includes the proposal narrative components as one document and also the proposal's budget excel file.


Additional materials referenced in the proposal:

Attachments and Appendix referenced in the RFA are offered here as separate files so applicants can more quickly access information and can more easily share specific information with others.

  • Attachment A: Instructions and Required Table for Completing section B: Performance Objectives Updated 8/2/23
  • Appendix A: Definition and Terms (PDF)
  • Appendix B: Colorado Revised Statutes (PDF)
  • Appendix C: Most Effective Strategies (PDF) - EARSS program evaluations have identified these activities and strategies as most effective in contributing toward meeting grantees' performance goals. Note: Attachment F: Final Performance Report lists additional strategies
  • Appendix D: Interagency Agreements (PDF)
  • Appendix E: Implementation Program Monitoring Updated 8/2/23
  • Appendix F: Final Performance Report (PDF) - Evaluation questions and data collected. Updated 8/2/23


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This FAQ file will continue to be updated as questions are posed and answered through deadline date of Monday, August 21, 2023. Program staff may alert eligible applicants that have submitted Letters of Intent when new information is posted. An updated date will be shown to indicate the most recent FAQ posted.



An application training webinar can be requested from Tricia Walz via email.