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Kindergarten School Readiness Data Collection


The purpose of the Kindergarten School Readiness (KSR) data collection is to provide baseline data for measuring improvement in students' knowledge and skills over time and to collect data needed to fulfill statutory requirements for an annual legislative report.

Data reported to CDE will be from the initial fall assessment window. The initial assessment is to be completed within the first 60 calendar days of the school year as required by HB 15-1323. The collection will be open from mid-October to mid-December each year.



  • 2019-2020 KSR Collection Opening: October 9, 2019
  • 2019-2020 KSR Collection Closing: December 5, 2019

File Layout and Definitions



Business Rules


Upcoming Trainings

  • Data Respondent Webinar on the North Carolina Kindergarten Entry 

Recorded Trainings

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Additional Resources

  • IdM/Access Management is the system used by CDE to assign data respondents to various collections. This is also how collection leads generate listservs for the various collections.
    • Note: Please make sure email addresses are correctly inputted into this system. District local access managers (LAMs) have access to update role assignments and other information within the IdM/Access Management system. Please click "Access Management" on the bottom left-hand side to access the system.
  • CDE Data Pipeline is the system by which data are submitted to CDE. Please click "Data Pipeline" on the left-hand side to access the system.


Click here for KSR FAQs.

Contact Information

For questions about the kindergarten school readiness data collection please contact collection lead, Tara Rhodes, Early Learning Business Analyst at 303-866-6243

For questions about the kindergarten school readiness initiative please contact Anji Gallanos, P-3 Director at 720-527-0497