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Recorded Webinars

Back to School: Kindergarten School Readiness for new contacts

This session will be focused on providing a foundational overview of kindergarten school readiness. Building from the online guide, we will go over essential content and answer questions. Anyone may attend, however this is targeted for those new to kindergarten school readiness.

Kindergarten School Readiness Back to School

This meeting provides background context on kindergarten school readiness, outlines requirements and additional opportunities within the assessment, and provides an overview of the statewide collection updates for the 2021-2022 academic year. This meeting will also provide an opportunity to collaborate with colleagues around the state on strategies to support school readiness and specific assessment tool implementation.

Early Learning Needs Assessment Webinar

This webinar provides background context about why an early learning needs assessment is valuable within the school improvement process, outline minimum requirements, and provide next steps for completing and analyzing the assessment. The early learning needs assessment supports schools and districts in analyzing the needs and learning of children birth through age 8. This process can strengthen relationships between schools, districts and early childhood partners to more accurately identify needs within the community, monitor trends, and inform the implementation of preventative strategies.

READ Plans and Kindergarten School Readiness

This webinar includes background information on required Kindergarten assessments in Colorado, how to use the problem-solving process across these assessments, and the requirements and flexibilities in documentation in creating and maintaining individual student plans.

Changing Contexts: Preschool through 3rd Grade:

In partnership with the Office of Early Childhood, Exceptional Student Services, and the National P-3 Center, the Preschool-3rd Grade office is excited to announce a series of resources for schools, districts, and programs in support of rolling starts and closures of in-person learning. This includes temporary or more permanent transitions between learning contexts due to a variety of factors, including quarantines, changes in community public health data, and natural disasters. 

  • Changing Contexts: Building Skills for Social Emotional Wellness and Recovery during Transitions In and Out of In-Person Learning.
    This training will focus on the importance of self-care in reducing anxiety levels and building resiliency allowing for higher quality engagement between teachers, children, and families during transitions. Additionally, this training will provide suggestions for a coaching model to collaboratively bring the family into the education process and create a sense of belonging for children and families amongst transitions between educational learning contexts.
  • Changing Contexts: Building Skills for Social Emotional Wellness and Recovery during Transitions In and Out of In-Person Learning - Recorded December 4, 2020
  • Presentation Slides [PDF]
  • Changing Contexts: Supports for Temporary Transitions and Rolling Closures

Inconsistent and temporary changes to learning contexts pose challenges for children, families, teachers, and staff. While there is no manual providing the “right” solutions, the National P-3 Center has curated ideas and strategies to tackle these challenges and provide consistent support to young children and their families as they transition between contexts.  

  • Pandemic-Related Transitions: P-3 Learning Contexts

​School districts, elementary schools, and their early care and education (ECE) partners are striving to ease these transitions for students, families, teachers, and staff. Informed by research, this resource highlights strategies and includes crowd-sourced ideas from numerous districts across the country.

Preschool-Kindergarten Transitions with Dr. Kristie Kauerz

In partnership with the National P-3 Center, the Preschool-Third Grade Office hosted an opportunity specifically focused on the impact of COVID on transitions in preschool and Kindergarten. 

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