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Data Requests - Meal Count and Claiming Data

Meal Counts*

Meal count files are subject to change, due to claim adjustments.

*Meal count files include:  National School Lunch Program, School Breakfast Program, Afterschool Snack Program, Special Milk Program counts for the school year; current year meal counts will be available 90 days following the June claim deadline.

Calculating Average Daily Participation (ADP)

  • October is the typical month used (but you can use a different month)
    1. Divide the number of reimbursable meals served in the month by the number of days meals were served
    2. Divide this number by school enrollment
    3. Result is a decimal, so multiply by 100 for the percentage
  • Example:  20,000 lunches, 20 days, 1200 enrolled students:
    1. 20,000 meals/20days meals served = 1000 meals
    2. 1000 meals/1200 enrolled students = 0.83
    3. 0.83 x 100 = 83%

Free and Reduced Price Eligibility Data