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Early Access Enrollment

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Guidelines to Enrolling or Counting Early Access Students

Requirements for Early Access

Pursuant to CSL 22-20-204(2) administrative units may permit early access to kindergarten for a highly gifted advanced four year old and early access to first grade for a highly gifted advanced five year old if the following five (5) requirements are met:

  1. The AU files a written Early Access Plan with CDE and CDE approves the plan.*
  2. The child meets all criteria for early access as defined in the AU’s Early Access Plan and the Exceptional Children’s Educational Act (ECEA).
  3. The early access student for grades K and 1st has a completed Advanced Learning Plan (ALP) by September 30 for each early access year.
  4. The ALP shows the notation "grade acceleration” on the first or cover page of the ALPThis notation must be visible for both the kindergarten and grade one school years, as applicable to the early access student.
  5. The student is age four by October 1 for kindergarten or age five by October 1 for grade one.

*Once an AU submits an Early Access Plan and it has been approved by CDE, it is not necessary to resubmit or renew the plan unless the AU wishes to update or revise the plan.  If an AU wishes to submit an initial plan for early access, plans must be submitted to CDE by January 1 prior to the fiscal year of implementation.


If a student meets all criteria for early access admittance and the AU meets all the Early Access provisions, per pupil funding is allocated to the district for the early access student for kindergarten and/or first grade. 

For the district to receive funding for an early access student, the child must be coded as an “Advanced Highly Gifted Student” for the October Enrollment Count.

The district shall be able to provide the required audit documentation upon request. 

Audit Documentation

  1. The early access student shall meet all audit documentation listed for all “student types” (e.g., enrollment dates, 11‐day count window attendance, student schedules).
  2. Additionally, the AU shall be able to provide audit documentation the student’s ALP was completed by September 30 and the ALP includes the notation “grade acceleration.”

Note: If you are not able to access the resources or need additional support, please contact the Office of Gifted Education Program Administrator.